About Vom Loganberg

Our German Shepherds are bred for temperament, type, working ability and genetic correctness to the “old German Standards”. Most are super drivey dogs with an off switch. They are not bouncing off the walls and unruly.

Most Vom Loganberg litters produce naturally gifted puppies for all areas of work: Personal Protection, Drug & Bomb Detection, S&R, Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Medical Alert Dogs. Of course, the most important job of all is being very loyal, clear headed, calm, and stable family pets!

We have been ethically breeding, training, and raising German Shepherds for over twenty five years. We know what to expect, how to handle it, and everything else about this breed. German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent, large dogs- so a good training regimen is important from a young age. We love all of our dogs, and believe in positive reinforcement when it comes to training.

There are two types of dogs:

Vom Loganberg German Shepherds and Those Who Wish They Were!